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Roof gutters, known by many other names, like rain gutters, dripster, eaves channel, etc. are narrow channels which are an important component of the roof system of any kind of property and does the job of collecting and diverting the rainwater away from the edge of the roof. The rain water that is collected by the roof gutter is fed with the help of a downpipe from the edge of the roof towards the buildings base where it is then discharged in the gutter.

But overtime, leaves, twigs, animal waste, growth of natural plants, and other sediments builds up in the roof gutters, resulting in a blockage. If these blockages are left unmanaged, the water will accumulate on the roof and the backflow under the roof tiles cause leakages into the roof, ceiling and walls of your home. The stagnant waters can also work as a breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects, and also allowing weeds and grasses to grow in the gutter to worsen the blockage.

We at GutterCleanKing offer professional roof gutter cleaning in Melbourne for domestic homes. Our team of experienced gutter cleaners will clean the gutters by removing heavy debris and sludge from the gutters, sweeping down the blockages to protect your property from damages caused due to accumulation of rain water.

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